A short adventure after a busy working week, a break from the daily concerns, an overnight stay in the forest, fully enjoy nature and adventure ... Discover our Sub 24 hour Overnighters or s24o! Be amazed by the beautiful nature, challenging single tracks and technical course in the Antwerp backyard!

This guided s24o Meetshovenbos is all about watercourses. No fewer than six river valleys form the beautiful surroundings of this bikepacking adventure. Nature reserves, sights and forests alternate continuously. You will be amazed of the beautiful nature and mountainbike worthy trails to discover in this urban environment.

The bikepacking tour has a total length of 142 km, spread over 24 hours, in an evening and day tour. We travel completely self-sufficient when it comes to food, drinks, clothing and overnight accommodation. Trailgrip will give you the neccecary advice about how you can best approach this. Investing in special bike packing bags is not yet a must, we offer you the opportunity to rent bike packing bags from us at a favorable rate for participants.

Two weeks before the start of the journey, Trailgrip organizes an information evening at our partner Vitesse Coffee & Cycling in Antwerp. On this evening you will get a extensive briefing and we will give you lots of bikepacking tips. If you have rented bike packing bags you will receive them on the information evening.


Antwerpen - Meetshovenbos | 61 km

The meeting place is at our partner Vitesse Coffee & Cycling near Antwerp Berchem railway station. Enjoying a delicious Vitesse Cycling Coffee we check the mountainbikes and we escape the city trought the fort of Borsbeek. Unpaved field roads between the meadows around Vremde take us towards Lier. We can catch our breath for a few kilometers on a paved towpath that takes us through extensive nature along the Grote Nete. Until we exchange the paved towpath near Berlaar for the unpaved variant.

Flooding areas, forests and meadows provide a pleasant variety while the Grote Nete determines our direction. When the river in Booischot chooses the east, we continue our journey northwards. In the last kilometers fields, nature and sporadically some buildings alternate quickly.

When Maria appears in the Lourdes cave of Aarschot, we reach our overnight stop, the Meetshovenbos bivouac zone. We replenish our personal energy level and slide around a cozy campfire with a drink. When fatigue wins it from fun, we seek out the tarps. Ready for an adventurous night!


Meetshovenbos - Antwerpen | 81 km

Strengthened by a healthy and energy-rich breakfast, we leave the Meetshovenbos. In the morning, the nature reserves in the Demer and Laak valley form the beautiful setting for our bikepacking adventure. Between Tremelo and Haacht we exchange the Laak for the Dijle where the Damiaan bridge is an ideal place to take a breath.

The Dijle takes us towards Mechelen, where we enjoy a well-deserved lunch with a view of the Nekker. A succession of nature reserves takes us further towards the Rupel. Here the clay pits of Terhagen and the recreation area De Schorre together form a true mountain bike paradise. Both condition and technical skills can be put to the test here!

When we continue our route northwards, park Zandbergen, near Kontich is on our route. The park has not stolen its name, sand mountains, and it is therefore a beautiful area to fully indulge yourself as a mountain biker.

With the last energy left in our legs, we continue our adventure towards the final stop, Vitesse Coffee & Cycling. Before saying goodbey, we raise our glasses one last time to an exhausting but unforgettable bikepacking experience!

Start and endpoint

The start and ending point of this journey is at our partner Vitesse Coffee & Cycling near Antwerp Central railway station. For participants from Antwerp, this is an easily accessible place.

For participants coming from further, this meeting place is of course perfectly accessible by train. Those who wish to come by car can leave it in the underground car park under the station building at the applicable rates. Keep in mind that the station is located in the low emission zone . Just outside the LEZ there are a few car parks where the car can be left unattended for free. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about this.


Adventure and nature share a first place on Trailgrip travels. So don't expect a luxurious bed, but you will relax on a campfire and a warm sleeping bag.

Trailgrip provides a few tarps for this trip. These are waterproof sails that protect us against wind and light rain. The tarps are tensioned between our bikes or trees. This allows us to camp as true adventurers under the starry sky.

The success of a bikepacking weekend depents largely by the weather conditions. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, participants will be contacted at least 24 hours before the start of the trip and a new date can be set if necessary.


Who sports needs energy! Trailgrip provides decent freeze-dried meals and some energy snacks for on the road. Be sure you can take enough water with you, for example bicycle drinkbottles or a Camelbak. It is useful if these are already filled on departure. Along the road there are several possibilities to fill them with tap water.


As a participant you must have the following equipment. We are happy to advise you on a possible purchase. Or maybe you can borrow certain things from friends or family?

  • A decent mountain bike
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
  • Spoon and cup
  • Cycling clothing and shoes
  • Extra inner tube
  • Drinking bottle and / or CamelBak
  • Bicycle lighting and head lamp

Start bikepacking can take a serious bite out of your budget. That is why we offer our participants the opportunity to rent bikepacking bags. During the online reservation you can indicate which items you wish to rent.

You will receive a detailed packing list two weeks before the start of the trip during an information evening.


Each participant of a trip organized by Trailgrip must be insured for the full duration of the trip for physical accidents, legal assistance and civil liability.

Trailgrip recommends the insurance of the Vlaamse Wielerbond - VWB for this. In addition to insurance, membership of the VWB offers various advantages. Your membership with the VWB is fully or partially reimbursed by various health insurance companies. More info


You can cancel your booking up to 30 days before departure. You get the amount paid back with deduction of 5% administration costs.

For cancellations between 30 and 7 days before departure, we will deduct 25% from the amount paid. Cancellation of the trip from 7 days before departure cannot be refunded.

More info, see terms and conditions.


The items below are included in the price and are provided by Trailgrip.

  • 1 Supper*
  • 1 Breakfast*
  • 1 Lunch*
  • 6 energy bars for each participant
  • Tea and coffee
  • Use of cooking equipment
  • Tarps as protection during the nights
  • Use of bicycle repair tools
  • Mapped out mountain bike tours
  • Daily briefings
  • Professional advice and guidance

* The meals we take on the road consist of freeze-dried food. This is the perfect solution for trips where the volume and weight of the luggage play an important role. The offer is large, the quality and taste varying. The Trailgrip team has put together a delicious selection for the participants based on experience.

Not included

The items below are not included in the price.

  • Traveling to and from the starting point
  • Insurance (see practical information)
  • Renting bikepacking-bags
  • Mountainbike
  • Personal cycling and camping equipment (see practical information)


€ 85.00 p.p.

participants per booking

Minimal 2 - Maximal 6

Start and endpoint

Vitesse Coffee & Cycling


1 x back to basics

Total distance

142.00 kilometer

Total ascent

350 meter

Technical level


Luxury level

Available periods

  • No available periods.

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