Impressive rock formations, wide landscapes and deep deciduous forests form the scenery for an unforgettable bikepackingweekend. The Mullerthal region has not stolen its name as Luxembourg's little Switzerland. We are sure you will fond memories of this weekend for a long time!

The Mullerthal region, with Echternach as its capital, is a true gem for the mountainbiker. Slaloming between imposing rock formations and enjoying wide landscapes, you forget that you have arrived at just 250 kilometers from Brussels. The continuously changing landscape on this route makes you fall from one surprise into the another. Whoever goes for altimeters will surely enjoy these two days!

Mullerthal has many sights. While planning this weekend we tried to include this sights as much as possible in the route. The result, a perfect mix of nature and culture. But enjoying peace and nature remains the most important goal, also during this trip.

This bikepacking trip has a total length of 112 km, spread over an evening and two days. We travel completely self-sufficient when it comes to food, drinks, clothing and overnight accommodation. Trailgrip will give you the neccecary advice about how you can best approach this. Investing in special bike packing bags is not yet a must, we offer you the opportunity to rent bike packing bags from us at a favorable rate for participants.

Two weeks before the start of the journey, Trailgrip organizes an information evening. On this evening you will get a extensive briefing and we will give you lots of bikepacking tips. If you have rented bike packing bags you will receive them on the information evening.


Youth hostel Beaufort - Bivouac place Beaufort | 12 km

The meeting place is the youth hostel in Beaufort, Friday evening at 8 p.m. Whoever comes by car can leave his vehicle during the weekend on a parking in front of the youth hostel. If you opt for public transport, we will be happy to pick you up at Ettelbruck station.

After a short brief briefing we start an evening ride of 12 kilometers. You will already get a taste of the region during this ride. At the same time this evening ride is the ideal opportunity to get to know each other better.

Arriving at the bivouac place we will enjoy a pleasant chat at the campfire before we crawl into our warm sleeping bags.


Bivouac place Beaufort - Echternach | 49 km

The adventure can begin! And you can take that literally. The route immediately plunges deep into the Sauer valley. Before you realize it, you are climbing again out of the valley accompanied by amazing rock formations on either side. At several viewpoints we catch our breath and then continue through the woods to the amphitheater "Breechkaul" and the cave "Hohllay" ... Time for lunch!

Provided with the necessary energy, we travel further through the beautiful canyon of the "Aesbech". We get our best cycling techniques out of the closet while maneuvering over rocks, stairs and bridges. We stop at the giant rock "Perekop" and the steep gorge "Wolfsschlucht". A little further on we are rewarded with a nice view of the city of Echternach.

We descend into the valley and after a visting the citycenter and the lake of Echternach we start the last challenge of the day, getting out of the valley again. Once we have succeeded in this, we look for our good bivouac place.


Echternach - Beaufort | 51 km

Today also a mix of nice sights and adventure in a beautiful scenery. After a hearty breakfast we exchange the forest for climbing through the fields and then descend steeply to the village of Bech. The route guides us through an old railway tunnel to the travertine source "Kallektuffquell" and the waterfall "Schiessentümpel". In the middle of the forest a pond forms a perfect place for a picnic.

A little further on we need our best cycling techniques again. Slaloming through the canyons we make our way across rocks, stairs and rivers towards the end point, Beaufort. An Luxembourg slogan is "Onse Be'er ass gudd". An excellent moment to put it to the test! After a refreshing shower our roads split... tired but satisfied!

Start and endpoint

The start and end point of this trip is the Beaufort youth hostel. This base was chosen for various reasons. In bad weather conditions, an overnight stay at the youth hostel is a perfect alternative for a bivouac. The youth hostel is an hour's bike ride from Ettelbruck railway station. If this is difficult for you, we will be happy to pick you up at the train station in Ettelbruck.

If you come by car it's possible to park in front of the youth hostel and leave your car there for the weekend. During the information evening we will see if carpooling is possible.


Adventure and nature share a first place on Trailgrip travels. So don't expect a luxurious bed, but you will relax on a campfire and a warm sleeping bag.

Trailgrip provides a few tarps for this trip. These are waterproof sails that protect us against wind and light rain. The tarps are tensioned between our bikes or trees. This allows us to camp as true adventurers under the starry sky.

In case of bad weather conditions or on request of the participants, there is the option of giving preference to a campsite or youth hostel at each end point. These accommodations are not included in the price of this weekend.


Who sports needs energy! Trailgrip provides decent freeze-dried meals and some energy snacks for on the road. Be sure you can take enough water with you, for example bicycle drinkbottles or a Camelbak. It is useful if these are already filled on departure. Along the road there are several possibilities to fill them with tap water.


As a participant you must have the following equipment. We are happy to advise you on a possible purchase. Or maybe you can borrow certain things from friends or family?

  • A decent mountain bike
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
  • Spoon and cup
  • Cycling clothing and shoes
  • Extra inner tube
  • Drinking bottle and / or CamelBak
  • Bicycle lighting and head lamp

Start bikepacking can take a serious bite out of your budget. That is why we offer our participants the opportunity to rent bikepacking bags. During the online reservation you can indicate which items you wish to rent.

You will receive a detailed packing list two weeks before the start of the trip during an information evening.


Each participant of a trip organized by Trailgrip must be insured for the full duration of the trip for physical accidents, legal assistance and civil liability.

Trailgrip recommends for this the insurance of the Vlaamse Wielerbond - VWB . The submission of a valid membership certificate from the VWB or an equivalent foreign alternative is required for participation on a trip organized by Trailgrip. When booking a trip you must enter your membership number.

Your membership at the VWB is fully or partially reimbursed by various health insurance funds. More info


You can cancel your booking up to 30 days before departure. You get the amount paid back with deduction of 5% administration costs.

For cancellations between 30 and 7 days before departure, we will deduct 25% from the amount paid. Cancellation of the trip from 7 days before departure cannot be refunded.

More info, see terms and conditions.


The items below are included in the price and are provided by Trailgrip.

  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning *
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoon *
  • A supper on Saturday evening *
  • 8 energy bars for each participant
  • Tea and coffee
  • Use of cooking equipment
  • Tarps as protection during the nights
  • Use of bicycle repair tools
  • Mapped out mountain bike tours
  • Daily briefings
  • Professional advice and guidance
  • Picking up participants at Ettelbruck railway station

* The meals we offer our participants are freeze-dried food. This is a perfect solution for travels where the volume and weight of the luggage are important. The choice of Trailgrip goes with no doubt towards LYO-food. You will discover why ;-)

Not included

The items below are not included in the price.

  • Traveling to and from the starting point
  • Insurance (see practical information)
  • Renting bikepacking-bags
  • Mountainbike
  • Personal cycling and camping equipment (see practical information)


€ 205.00 p.p.

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06/05/22 - 08/05/22


06/05/22 om 20:00
Youthhostel Beaufort


Back to basics camp x 2

Total distance

112.00 kilometer

Total ascent

2378 meter

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