Valley of the Semois

During this two-day guided bikepackingtrip you will discover the Semois valley in the French Ardennes. Steep rocky slopes and wide forests along the winding Semois form the ideal decor for exploring with a packed mountainbike. The icing on the cake sure is the overnight stay in a fairytale tree house on the banks of the Semois.

During the bikepacking weekend "Valley of the Semois" you will explore the beautiful valley of the Semois by mountain bike.

This two-day guided bikepacking tour has a total length of 80 km, spread over two day trips. You spend the night in one of the two fairytale tree houses along the banks of the Semois. The tree houses are equipped with a wood stove, a cozy warm evening is assured!

As a bikepacker you take your luggage with you on adventure. Trailgrip is happy to help you with all this and we advise you on the best approach. Investing in special bikepacking bags is not yet a must, we offer you the opportunity to rent these bags from us at a favorable rate for participants.

Two weeks before the start of the trip, Trailgrip organizes an information evening. At that moment we are handing out a lot of tips and practical information. If you have rented bikepacking bags, you will receive these during the information evening.


Monthermé - Tree house | 46 km

When the bikes our ready we leave the small port of Monthermé taking the bridge over the Meuse. A short but steep climb takes us out of the valley while the beautiful rock massif "Roc La Tour" appears in the distance. Enjoying a short downhill, we arrive in "La Roche Aux Corpias" where our route crosses the Semois and climbs to "Point de Vue du Liry". Here waits us a great view of the Semois, which winds its way through the countryside and the village of Tournavaux.

Winding paths between the many deciduous trees in this area lead us to the next viewpoint "Col du Loup ". We descend on a challenging single track towards Nohan Sur Semois. This idyllic place is the ideal opportunity for a picnic. After replenishing the water supply, we cross the Semois again over an old pedestrian bridge in the village of Naux. This bridge is gratefully commemorated as the only bridge in the region that was not blown up during the second world war.

We climb out of the valley and stretch our legs at the old forest house "Le Champ-Bernard". A few kilometers further on the road, we can enjoy beautiful panoramas from on the rock massif "Roc La Tour".

The long descent to the banks of the Semois can count as a nice reward for the effort made today. And... this can certainly be said of the original tree houses that await here.


Tree house - Monthermé | 38 km

Strengthened by a powerful breakfast, we leave the Semois behind and head into the deep deciduous forest.

The morning is characterized by the many forest paths that lead us along drinking fountains and lots of natural beauty. In the small village Les Vieux Moulins D'hargnies we stop for a picnic. In "Auberge Le Balcon en Forêt", a drink gives us the necessary energy to resume our tour in the afternoon.

A final climb takes us to "La longue Roche" a viewpoint on the spectacular meander of the Meuse around the town of Monthermé. We end our adventure with a technical downhill towards the small port of Monthermé. But we will not say goodbye before one last drink on this unforgettable adventure!

Start and endpoint

Starting- and ending point of this trip is at the small marina beneath the bridge of Montherme. We choose this place for different reasons. You can leave your car at the free parking space. If you travel by train, the trainstation is only 3 kilometers away.


At Trailgrip travel, adventure and nature share a common leading role. Where we invariably go for "Back to basics" adventures for the majority of our adventures, we look for a little more luxury in the valley of the Semois.

A balanced mix between adventure and luxury can be found in one of the two cozy tree houses along the banks of the Semois.

After your online reservation, we will check whether the tree house is still available in the period of your choice. If this is not the case, we will contact you to search a new date or an alternative place to stay. Anyway, be there in time because the tree houses are very popular!


Who sports needs energy! Trailgrip provides decent freeze-dried meals and some energy snacks for on the road. Be sure you can take enough water with you, for example bicycle drinkbottles or a Camelbak. It is useful if these are already filled on departure. Along the road there are several possibilities to fill them with tap water.


As a participant you must have the following equipment. We are happy to advise you on a possible purchase. Or maybe you can borrow certain things from friends or family?

  • A decent mountain bike
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Sleeping bag
  • Spoon and cup
  • Cycling clothing and shoes
  • Extra inner tube
  • Drinking bottle and / or CamelBak
  • Bicycle lighting and head lamp

Start bikepacking can take a serious bite out of your budget. That is why we offer our participants the opportunity to rent bikepacking bags. During the online reservation you can indicate which items you wish to rent.


Each participant of a trip organized by Trailgrip must be insured for the full duration of the trip for physical accidents, legal assistance and civil liability.

Trailgrip recommends the insurance of the Vlaamse Wielerbond - VWB for this. In addition to insurance, membership of the VWB offers various advantages. Your membership with the VWB is fully or partially reimbursed by various health insurance companies. More info


You can cancel your booking up to 30 days before departure. You get the amount paid back with deduction of 5% administration costs.

For cancellations between 30 and 7 days before departure, we will deduct 25% from the amount paid. Cancellation of the trip from 7 days before departure cannot be refunded.

More info, see terms and conditions.


The items below are included in the price and are provided by Trailgrip.

  • Night in a tree house
  • Breakfast on Sunday morning *
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoon *
  • A supper on Saturday evening *
  • 8 energy bars for each participant
  • Tea and coffee
  • Use of cooking equipment
  • Use of bicycle repair tools
  • Mapped out mountain bike tours
  • Daily briefings
  • Professional advice and guidance

* The meals we take on the road consist of freeze-dried food. This is the perfect solution for trips where the volume and weight of the luggage play an important role. The offer is large, the quality and taste varying. The Trailgrip team has put together a delicious selection for the participants based on experience.

Not included

The items below are not included in the price.

  • Traveling to and from the starting point
  • Insurance (see practical information)
  • Renting bikepacking-bags
  • Mountainbike
  • Personal cycling equipment


€ 245.00 p.p.

participants per booking

Minimal 4 - Maximal 6

Start and endpoint



2 x treehouse

Total distance

72.00 kilometer

Total ascent

1531 meter

Technical level


Luxury level

Available periods

  • 16-09-2023 - 17-09-2023 (6)
  • 23-09-2023 - 24-09-2023 (6)
  • 30-09-2023 - 01-10-2023 (6)
  • 20-04-2024 - 21-04-2024 (6)
  • 27-04-2024 - 28-04-2024 (6)
  • 18-05-2024 - 19-05-2024 (6)
  • 15-06-2024 - 16-06-2024 (6)
  • 22-06-2024 - 23-06-2024 (6)
  • 14-09-2024 - 15-09-2024 (6)
  • 21-09-2024 - 22-09-2024 (6)
  • 28-09-2024 - 29-09-2024 (6)
  • 05-10-2024 - 06-10-2024 (6)

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