Valley of the Semois

The bikepacking weekend "Valley of the Semois" takes you on a discovery journey through the French Ardennes. Steep rocky slopes and vast deciduous forests along the winding Semois river create the perfect setting to explore with a packed mountain bike. Prefer less luggage on your bike and more comfort? Then choose the "Glamping" option. Each evening, a luxurious tent with a made-up bed awaits you at campsites along the Semois river.

During the bikepacking weekend "Valley of the Semois," you will experience the beautiful surroundings of the Semois valley. You'll explore the valley from your mountain bike, carrying all necessary equipment, including your bivouac gear and food, for the entire journey on your bike. This way, we can enjoy a few days of complete autonomy, filled with peace and adventure.

This guided bikepacking tour covers a total distance of 83 kilometers spread over an evening ride and two day trips. As a bikepacker, you'll bring your luggage along on the adventure. Trailgrip is here to assist you throughout the process and offer advice on the best approach. While investing in special bikepacking bags is not mandatory, we provide the option to rent them from us.

Two weeks before the start of the journey, Trailgrip organizes an information evening. During this event, we share plenty of tips and provide you with a comprehensive briefing. If you have rented bikepacking bags, you will receive them at the information evening.


Monthermé - Tournavaux | 11 km - 358hm

Our adventure starts at the bridge over the Meuse River in Monthermè. A short but challenging climb and a technical section of the GR route lead us away from the Meuse Valley. From the rocky massif "Roc La Tour", we can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley. We briefly interrupt our downhill to enjoy the view at "La Roche Aux Corpias." Continuing our ride, we descend into the valley towards our sleeping spot in Tournavaux. This short evening ride, with some challenging technical sections, has already sharpened our senses for the rest of the weekend.


Tournavaux - Bohan | 39 km - 1660hm

We leave our sleeping spot behind and follow the Semois river. Where the Semois meets the Meuse, we climb into the forest. Along the way, we take in the vast landscape at "Point de Vue de Liry," where we have a fantastic view of the Semois winding its way through Tournavaux.

Forest paths lead us through the many deciduous trees that enrich this area. Once on top of "Col du Loup" (383m), we take the singletrack downhill towards Naux. After lunch in this idyllic spot, we continue our journey over an old pedestrian bridge. This is the only bridge that was not blown up during World War II!

We follow the river and refill our water supply in Nohan Sur Semois. And for a good reason, as a long and challenging track through the woods awaits, including a section of "Hike-a-Bike." Without even realizing it, we cross the border and can relax on one of the pleasant terraces in the Belgian village of Bohan. After a bit more riding, tired but satisfied, we end the day at our second sleeping spot along the Semois.


Bohan - Monthermé | 33 km - 955hm

We start the day calmly with a beautiful section of the Trans-Ardennes bike route. We are treated to the surreal sight of "Le pont cassé" in this landscape. This bridge was destroyed during World War II but was never rebuilt.

We cross the French border again and make our way to the village of Les Hautes-Rivières. In a long climb, we leave the Semois behind and venture into the deep deciduous forest. With a view of the 17th-century pilgrimage church Saint-Antoine, we find ourselves in Les Hauts-Buttès, where we settle down for lunch.

After lunch, we encounter beautiful viewpoints like "La Longue Roche," with a view of our final destination, Monthermé, which we reach via a challenging last singletrack.

Start and endpoint

The starting and ending point of this journey is the marina at the bridge of Monthermé. This base was chosen for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to leave your car in the parking lot. If you prefer to come by train, Monthermé train station is only 3 kilometers away from here.


At Trailgrip, adventure and nature take center stage in our travels. While most of our adventures are typically "Back to basics", we seek a bit more luxury in the Valley of the Semois.

We find a balanced mix of adventure and comfort at campsites along the Semois riverbank, where we can set up our tarps and enjoy a delightful shower.

Prefer even more luxury and less baggage on your bike? Opt for the "Glamping" option. Each evening, a luxurious tent with a made-up bed awaits you... pure bliss!

After your online reservation, we will check if the desired option is available during your chosen period. If not, we will get in touch to discuss a new date or an alternative accommodation.


Those who sports need energy! Trailgrip provides decent freeze-dried meals and the necessary energy snacks for the journey. Make sure to have enough options to carry water with you, such as water bottles and/or a waterbag. It's convenient if these are already filled. Along the way, there will also be opportunities to refill them.


As a participant, you need to have the following equipment. Don't have all these items yet? Perhaps you can borrow some from friends or family? The rental options at outdoor stores are also becoming more extensive.

  • A reliable mountain bike
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Spoon and cup
  • Cycling clothing and shoes
  • Spare inner tube
  • Water bottles and/or water reservoir (e.g. CamelBak)
  • Bike lights and headlamp

Starting with bikepacking can be a significant investment. That's why we offer our participants the option to rent bikepacking bags. During the online reservation, you can indicate which items you'd like to rent.


Each participant of a trip organized by Trailgrip must be insured for the full duration of the trip for physical accidents, legal assistance and civil liability.

Trailgrip recommends the insurance of the Vlaamse Wielerbond - VWB for this. In addition to insurance, membership of the VWB offers various advantages. Your membership with the VWB is fully or partially reimbursed by various health insurance companies. More info


You can cancel your booking up to 30 days before departure. You get the amount paid back with deduction of 5% administration costs.

For cancellations between 30 and 7 days before departure, we will deduct 25% from the amount paid. Cancellation of the trip from 7 days before departure cannot be refunded.

More info, see terms and conditions.


The following items are included in the price and provided by Trailgrip.

  • Overnights at a campsite
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoon
  • Dinner on Friday and Saturday evening
  • 8 energy bars per participant
  • Tea and coffee
  • Use of cooking equipment
  • Use of bike repair tools
  • Assistance and advice for bike repairs
  • Tarps for protection during overnight stays
  • Planned mountain bike routes
  • Daily briefing
  • Professional advice and guidance

The meals on the way consist of freeze-dried food. This is the perfect solution for trips where the volume and weight of luggage play a significant role. The selection is vast, with varying quality and taste. Based on experience, the Trailgrip team has put together a delightful selection for the participants.

Not included

The following items are not included in the price:

  • Transportation to and from the base camp
  • Insurances (see practical information)
  • Rental of bikepacking bags
  • Mountain bike
  • Personal cycling and camping gear
  • Option glamping (€50 p.p.)


€ 250.00 p.p.

participants per booking

Minimal 4 - Maximal 6

Start and endpoint



2 x campsite

Total distance

83.00 kilometer

Total ascent

2973 meter

Technical level


Luxury level

Available periods

  • 03-05-2024 - 05-05-2024 (6)
  • 14-06-2024 - 16-06-2024 (6)
  • 21-06-2024 - 23-06-2024 (6)
  • 20-09-2024 - 22-09-2024 (6)
  • 27-09-2024 - 29-09-2024 (6)
  • 04-10-2024 - 06-10-2024 (6)

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