Escape The City

Escape The City mountainbike routes have been developed by Trailgrip and offer off-road experiences starting en ending in a city. On the routes you will discover surprisingly beautiful surroundings and natural beauty connected by quiet roads. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and recharge the batteries.

Our routes

Uitdagende single tracks

Brussels – Villers-la-Ville

Into the woods

101km 1600m 58%

This arduous and challenging route is an ordeal even for the more experienced mountain biker. Be surprised by the amount of forest and natural challenges this region has to offer. Would you rather make a two-day adventure of this tour? Spending the night near the ruins of Villers-la-Ville abbey is highly recommended!

Kasteel Cortewalle in Beveren

Antwerp - Nieuwkerken-waas

Waasland route

64km 170m 28%

Escape the city Antwerp - Nieuwkerken-waas lets you explore the Waasland trough small field and neighborhood roads, forests, parks,... In addition to the vast quiet fields, the Neuzenbergbos in Zwijndrecht, the Haasdonkse woods and the Sint-Annabos in Antwerp form an ideal terrain for the mountain biker.

Mountainbiken in Hallerbos

Brussel - Hallerbos

Zenne valley

66km 740m 44%

This wooded route takes you from Brussels through the Lembeekbos and Bois Du Bailly to the Hallerbos, known for its beautiful flower carpets of wild Hyacinths. You cycle back into the capital past the castle of Beersel and the Zennebeemden. The trendy Marcel Bike Café is the perfect place to recover from this challenging route.

Mountainbiken op single-track met mooi uitzicht nabij Tervuren

Brussel - Meerdaalwoud


100km 970m 61%

Via the Brussels green belt you dive into the vast forests of the Dijleland. On the single tracks, tough climbs and technical descents you'll imagine you're in the Ardennes. The bivouac zone at kilometer 40 in the Meerdaalwoud makes this route also suitable for a two-day bikepacking trip in Trailgrip style!

Mountainbiken in de heide in Klein schietveld Kalmthout by Trailgrip

Antwerp - Kalmthout

Grand Tour d' Anvers

103km 280m 70%

Grand Tour d 'Anvers 100 collects the best from different' Escape The City 'mountain bike trails. An off-road percentage of 68% on more than 100 km is unique close to a city like Antwerp. The route takes you to the military domain Klein Schietveld near Kalmthout and the Molenbos in Malle.

Mountainbiken in de omgeving van de kerncentrale in Doel by Trailgrip

Antwerp - Doel

Atypical Doel

94km 180m 31%

A rather atypical route in this series. The proportion of nature and unpaved trails is rather limited compared to our other routes. Nevertheless, we offer you this route because it takes you to some special places. You will discover Fort Liefkenshoek, the Deurganckdoksluis, the village of Doel, the nuclear power station, extensive polder landscapes, the port of Antwerp ...

Mountainbiken over singletracks doorheen het Sint-Anna bos op Linkeroever in Antwerpen by Trailgrip

Antwerp - Steendorp

Left bank

77km 220m 48%

You don't have to look far to indulge in single tracks in the woods of Antwerp. This mountain bike route proves that while you discover the possibilities of Linkeroever. In Kruibeke you connect to the blue-green loop of Sport Vlaanderen. The Burchtse weel is with some technical challenges a nice end of this tour.

Mountainbiken in Park Zandbergen Kontich by Trailgrip

Antwerp - Kontich

Fort belt

51km 160m 52%

Some Brialmont fortresses and parks are connected by nice paths and quiet roads to form this unique historical mountain bike route. A highlight is undoubtedly Zandbergen Park in Kontich, a true Mecca for the experienced mountain biker. The Hoboken polder and the hidden single track towards it are also a surprising discovery.

Mountainbiken in de heide in Klein schietveld Kalmthout by Trailgrip

Antwerp - Brasschaat

Heath route

69km 190m 60%

This wooded route is an absolute winner for the experienced mountain biker. You reach Klein Schietveld via Fort van Merksen, the historic Peerdbos and the anti-tank canal. This heathland is a mecca for mountain bikers. Park Mikhof, the E-10 plas, the fort of 's-Gravenwezel and park Groot Schijn form a green access road to Antwerp.

Mountainbiken in rond de E10 plas Brasschaat by Trailgrip

Antwerp - Malle

Canal Route

79km 200m 62%

The Rivierenhof, Groot Schijn park and the Ertbrugge area form the ideal escape route from the city. You will discover Vordenstein Park in Schoten, a challenging slope along the E19, the E10 lake and the Molenbos in Malle. Let go of the route here and enjoy single tracks that wind through the forest. You return towards Antwerp via the Antitankgracht and the fort of Borsbeek.

Mountainbiken in rond de fort omwalling in Borsbeek by Trailgrip

Antwerp - Ranst

Rural roads

38km 80m 47%

The 19th century forts of Borsbeek and Wommelgem, the Muizenbos in Ranst and the Rivierenhof in Deurne are connected by field roads and nature reserves to form this surprisingly green route. Both in terms of distance and technical skills, this route is ideal for a novice mountain biker.

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