With friends, family or colleagues on a bikepacking adventure? Braving unpaved paths, ending the day at a campfire and bivouacing under a starry sky ... Talk about a team building! Trailgrip offers all trips from the standard range also for groups. In consultation we tailor the trip to suit your group.

Bikepacking the perfect teambuilding!

Looking for adventure with colleagues and enjoying peace and nature. Challenging each other's limits on remote single tracks with sports friends. Want to try out a new adventurous travel concept with your family? Together we will find the best travel concept for your group.

We are convinced that your group will also be amazed by the experience that a bikepacking trip from Trailgrip brings to your team. Braving an unpaved slope, enjoying a beautiful view, preparing a meal with minimal equipment, rolling out the sleeping bag exhausted ... You experience all of this together and that creates an unforgettable bond!

trailgrip groepsaanbod


Contact Trailgrip by email or use our contact form on this website. Provide us with the information you think we need to know. Below is a start ...

  • Travel from our offer that forms the basis for your group adventure
  • Desired period
  • Size of the group
  • Average sporting level of the group members
  • Age of the members
  • Other relevant information and questions

We will contact you as soon as possible and together we will create a trip from our offer into an unforgettable adventure for your group.

* Group: According to Trailgrip, the ideal group for bikepacking consists of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 people.Exceptions to this are negotiable provided, for example, the provision of extra own equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for this.

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